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Trademarks that were inactive prior to 2005 are ONLY be searchable by:

  • Applicant Name;
  • Design Category;
  • Design Type;
  • Goods & Services Class Code;
  • Initial Filing Date.
Wildcards Description Example
* match anything or nothing comput*
? match exactly one character wom?n
^ match any character except the next character /199[^7]/
[ ] search expression; can include a hyphen to indicate a range of letters or numbers; will match only one character within the brackets /199[1-5]
< > search expression; The "less than" symbol (<) is used to express a lower value Less than 2 months <[m]2; Less than 20 days <[d]20
[* TO *] search expression; Range query
[100 TO 200] , [100 TO *]
[NOW TO *] , [2013-11-04T10:05:00Z TO NOW-1DAY]
[ape TO apple]