About Wyoming Trademarks

This database indexes Wyoming state trademarks. Each record includes a scanned copy of the application file at the Wyoming Secretary of State's Office or the Wyoming State Archives.

What can I find in this database?

The Wyoming Database of State Trademarks includes Wyoming state trademarks issued back to the first issued in the territory of Wyoming in 1881 to present day.

  • Current Trademarks (active) - Active trademarks issued between 1906 to present located at the Wyoming Secretary of State's Office. New applications and renewals are added monthly.
  • Archived Trademarks (inactive) - This database will ultimately include all inactive applications and mark images for Wyoming trademarks located at the Wyoming State Archives. Currently, inactive trademarks are still being added and may not yet include a mark image for preview.

What is a trademark?

When an image or wording becomes identifiable as an indicator of a source of goods or services, and that source is distinguishable from those of others, that is a trademark. Trademark rights themselves are based on use. State trademarks are controlled under W.S. 40-1-101 through 116 , and federal trademarks are controlled primarily under the Lanham Act. Trademarks are also protected under common law.

What is the difference between a state trademark and a federal trademark?

There are three main types of trademarks with increasing levels of protection:

  1. Common Law (TM):
    1. No registration or fees, rights result from use of the mark with the product, little public notice, owner may use the TM symbol
  2. State Registration (TM):
    1. Registration and small fee, public notice of use, protection varies by state, protection only within the state, owner may use the TM symbol
  3. Federal Registration (®):
    1. More expensive fees and slower process, must use or have a genuine intent-to-use the mark in interstate commerce, presumption of ownership nationwide, exclusive right to use, public notice of use, trademark lasts indefinitely as long as renewal fees are paid and mark still in use; can be deposited with U.S. Customs to prevent importation of goods infringing mark, owner may use the ® symbol only after the mark has been fully registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

How do I apply for a Wyoming state trademark?

All Wyoming Trademarks must be filed through the Wyoming Secretary of State's Office. Click here for more information and filing instructions.

Can I find livestock brands in this database?

This database does not include livestock brands unless officially registered as a trademark with the Wyoming Secretary of State's Office. For registered livestock brands, see the Wyoming Livestock Board or search your local library's catalog for the Official Brand Book of the State of Wyoming.


  • If a trademark application was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a link to the USPTO application will be shared here.
  • For general information about trademarks, see Trademark Basics, a guide from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on what a trademark is and how to register one.