Important Information about the Wyoming Trademarks Database

  • This database includes only trademarks that are currently or were previously registered with the State of Wyoming. This database does not include federal, foreign, common law, or other states' trademarks.
  • New renewals and active applications are added monthly.
  • This database is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the official record. The official record is with the Wyoming Secretary of State's office.
  • The design categories are for informational purposes only. The Wyoming State Library included them to assist with finding trademarks.
  • Not every item in the state trademark file has been reproduced. Please contact the Wyoming Secretary of State for an official copy of the file.
  • The information in the database is taken verbatim from the applications, preserving the original spelling and grammar.
  • That a mark is not in the database does not necessarily mean that it's not being used as a trademark or that it's not legally protected.
  • Information about federal trademark filings is taken from the application at the time of filing for a Wyoming state trademark. The owner may have filed for federal trademark protection after the original state filing.